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Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 3

Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 3

Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 3 SCARICA IL MANUALE
Manuale in formato pdf in modo da poter salvare sul tuo PC, e-book reader o di stampa.

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Nota: Il manuale che stai per scaricare è compresso in formato RAR, se non si dispone di un file rar decompressore è possibile scaricare 7-zip e si può visualizzare il Foxit PDF Reader.

Indice di Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 3

1 - Basic Toolbar
Get to know the thing you will be using the most
2 - Basic Shapes
See how you can make a circle, square, rectagle, oval and triangle
3 - Rounded 3D Button
Here's a simple trick to make a 3D button
4 - Beveled 3D Button
Another simple button technique
5 - Rounded 3D Button
Another button that's easy to create
6 - Seamless Background 1
Learn how to make a background image without seams
7 - Seamless Background 2
Same as above, but using a different texture
8 - Seamless Background 3
Here's another texture for you
9 - Drop Shadows
Create a drop shadow for any image or text
10 - Changing Image Colors
Use the HUE settings of any image and change it's color instantly
11 -My Title Graphics
See the steps I used to make some cool web page headers
12 - Quick Emboss
Quickly emboss any image and make it look like it's raised
13 - Quick Punch
Create the appearance of an image being punched through a texture
14 - Adding B&W to a Photo
Create the trendy look of black and white photos with accents of color
15 - Netscape Transition
Load a low-color version of an image before the larger color
one loads - Cool Effect
16 - Tiling A Logo
See how you can take any image and tile it a background
17 - Glowing Objects
Make any text or object glow with color
18 - Spinning Objects
Create the appearence of a spinning 3D object with Photoshop
19 - Rounded Corners In Photoshop
Use this little trick to make rounded rectangles and other interfaces
20 - Vertical Backgrounds
Use this trick to make vertical or horizontal backgrounds for your web pages
21 - Create Wild Colorful Textures
Use the gradient tool to make fun and colorful patterns
22 - Metallic Textures
Use this trick to create a shiny chrome or metal surface
23 - Embossed Letters
Create embossed type or images with this simple trick


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