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Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 4

Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 4

Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 4 SCARICA IL MANUALE
Manuale in formato pdf in modo da poter salvare sul tuo PC, e-book reader o di stampa.

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Nota: Il manuale che stai per scaricare è compresso in formato RAR, se non si dispone di un file rar decompressore è possibile scaricare 7-zip e si può visualizzare il Foxit PDF Reader.

Indice di Manuale di Adobe Photoshop 4

Filling Text w/Pictures
Now you can fill any shape or text with a picture or texture
Outlining Text
Create a colored outline around any selection or text
Fading Two Images Together
Use the gradient tool to blend or fade two images together
Image Transition Animation
Use the tip above to create an animation of the transition
Rounding Type
This little trick can be used to wrap text around a circle
Feathered Edges
This tips shows you how to make a soft edge around any picture
Simple Text Shadow
Make a drop shadow on your text with a few clicks
Pressed in Button
Use this tip to make a button look like it's been pressed in
Texture Fills Use any small picture and create a pattern or texture from it
Cutout Technique
Now you can create the illusion of a cutout section of an image without a fancy filter
Inner Bevel Tip
Now you can create the illusion of a beveled image without a fancy filter
Color Palette Optimizing
Make your gif animations smaller and faster by optimizing your palette in Photoshop
Slicing up Images
Accurately slice up a large image in Photoshop and piece it back together in HTML
Rounded Interface Corners
Create rounded corners on anything from a simple rectangle to a complex interface panel
Cool Blob Texture
Use this simple tip to create a cool texture
Rounded Pill-Shaped Button
Create a spiffy 3D rounded pill-shaped button in minuets
Metal Panel
Now you can create realistic sheet metal in a jiffy
3D Textured Button
Use this technique to make any texture into a 3D button. (3 versions)
Chrome Lettering
In just a few clicks with the mouse make any text have a 3D chrome look to it
Lightning Tutorial
The sky is at your command, create realistic lightning in minuets
Web Safe Color Palettes
Learn how to use web safe colors as well as when to dither and when not to
Resizing Images
Learn how to resize images and loose minimal quality


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